Nebraska National Guard Museum Finds New Home in Seward

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With help from the city of Seward, the Nebraska National Guard is making some big moves. Seward Mayor Josh Eickmeier couldn't be more excited.

"With another museum of this caliber, it only brings more attention to our community and it's a good kind of attention."

A shuffle in Nebraska National Guard space means the Guard's state museum, in Lincoln, will be moving to Seward. Jerry Meyer, the President of the Nebraska National Guard Historical Association, says the added space will allow for the guard to tell a bigger picture of its history.

"It's a very extensive collection, very good collection. One that people will want to get off the interstate to see."

The boat shaped property known by the guard as "The Battleship", will be renovated to be able to house both permanent and rotating exhibits. Seward Mayor Josh Eickmeier is hopeful for what the museum will mean for the city.

"We believe that Seward, with its Fourth of July celebration, is very well known for its patriotism and its volunteerism. We feel this museum will be a great fit for our community and a great source of pride for its residents."

The Nebraska National Guard will be moving their primary training center out of the Seward Armory to their new facility in Mead, in order to be much closer to the actual parachute drop zone. Major General Daryl Bohac says the guard uses the Seward Armory for parachute packing, something it was never meant to do.

"Those soldiers will be able to conduct their training at a facility that's really, truly designed for what they do."

The Nebraska National Guard is over a century and a half old and has been around the world on missions. Major General Bohac says now Seward will be able to share that history.

"That's a story we need to tell."

A lot of moving and construction still needs to be done, but the Guard hopes that by July Fourth of this year, they'll have something to show at the museum.