"Nebraska Nice" Slogan Part Of Nebraska Tourism's Marketing

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- For almost a year, the Nebraska Tourism Commission has been working on a strategic marketing plan to create a brand that showcases some of the states best assets.

Some in Lincoln told 10/11's Natalie Micale that they believe the commission should reevaluate the slogan they chose to front the brand: "Nebraska Nice."

It's a slogan the tourism board says they chose because they believe it represents who Nebraskans truly are.

John Chapo, Vice Chairman of the Nebraska Tourism Commission said, "Slogans are one thing but this isn't about slogans. This is about Nebraska and our DNA. What is Nebraska? A lot of research has gone in and when you see the whole campaign... you start thinking visit nice...visit nice, visit memories, build memories."

But some say they don't believe that this simple phrase creates the right "vision" for what visitors should expect when they come.

Michael Rose is a student in Lincoln and he says that the phrase just doesn't sound authentic. "No, I don't think it's genuine. It's kind of forced. Like 'Nebraska is nice?' It's like telling yourself you're this thing and hopefully that's what you are."

Iconic landmarks like Memorial Stadium, Chimney Rock,Sandhill Cranes, and the College World Series were all considered by the Tourism Commission as part of the "niceness" that is Nebraska.

Some say that those landmarks should be a reason why the slogan has to send a more powerful message.

Chapo recognizes that not everyone is going to like this slogan but hopes people across the state will keep an open mind.

Nebraska Tourism Commission Director, Kathy McKillip said, "The process of branding Nebraska as a destination is more than creating a symbol or slogan. We set out to find a message that would resonate with Nebraskans and will very quickly communicate Nebraska's strengths to potential visitors. We believe we have accomplished this goal and are looking forward to executing new and exciting promotions that will help spread the word that Nebraska truly is a NICE place to be."

This slogan was decided on after more than four thousand people were polled, including out-of-state visitors who all said that "Nebraska Nice" was a top choice.

This research is a result of LB684 in the legislature. The plan was completed and made public in August 2011 and can be viewed on the link on the side.