Early Numbers Show Nebraska State Fair Attendance is Down

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Nebraska State Fair goers say the 2014 fair is better than the last. That's according to surveys given to attendees.

But, fair officials announced Tuesday morning that attendance so far this year is at 100,101. That's down 4 percent from last year's attendance numbers at the same time.

Joseph McDermott, Executive Director of the fair said he's pretty sure he knows why.

"Last year on opening Sunday, 2013, Trace Adkins played at the Nebraska State Fair and if I remember there were 4,000 people there. This year we did not have a concert on Sunday," McDermott said.

This past Sunday, attendance was down over 5 percent from the year prior when Trace Adkins performed. McDermott added that he doesn't determine the fair's success on attendance, but how fairgoers rate it.