Nebraska State Treasurer Warns of Forgery Scam

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Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg is warning banks, businesses and residents to be on the lookout for forged state documents that look like checks.

Stenberg says a 19-year-old Omaha woman has been arrested on suspicion of forgery for allegedly cashing forged state warrants at banks and businesses. Police also have issued an arrest warrant on a forgery charge for a 20-year-old Omaha woman.

Investigators say the two cashed at least three forged warrants for nearly$13,000. Stenberg says the state lost no money in the scam.

A warrant is a written government financial order that looks and clears through a bank like a check, but is drawn on government funds rather than checking accounts.

Stenberg is warning Nebraskans to refuse to cash checks for anyone they don't know.