Nebraska Teacher Returns From NASA Space Camp

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Teresa Luers applied for the NASA Space Camp in Alabama with a thousand other teachers around the world.

But she was one of the lucky hundred teachers invited to attend the all-expense paid camp for a week.

Luers is a fourth grade teacher at Ashland-Greenwood Elementary school.

She admits that it can be difficult to capture students' attention when it comes to math and science.

The NASA Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama called the "Honeywell Educators Space Academy" is designed to help teachers learn different hands-on space activities that teach students about math and science in the classroom.

A week at space camp actually made Teresa Luers feel like she was in space.

"They have a mission space simulation where you get to put on your flight suits and actually be in the controls like an actual space mission. One of my favorite things was a zip line. I've always wanted to do that and they had a special aviation challenge area. They had a helicopter dunker where they simulate a crash, they dunk you in this pool of water and you have to swim out so you can be safely saved."

It was an unforgettable experience for Luers who worked in teams with other teachers who also want to reinvent their own classrooms.

"The camaraderie of being energized again and coming back this next year and doing the activities with my students and sharing about this wonderful facility," said Luers.

And Luers explains all of the activities she learned at the camp are going to help her teach in her classroom in the fall.

"Getting kids to do hands on activities helps them make a connection to what they are learning," said Luers.

After a week in Alabama, Luers says she is back and ready to blast off in the classroom this fall.

"We can expand on making some more interesting rockets and then actually launching them in the field next to our school. The biggest thing I took away was working with other educators across the United States and the world and we formed like a network on Facebook so we'll be able to be in contact with each other so we can share different activities that work well for each other," said Luers.

The application process for the program opens in September if you're interested in attending. Click on the link on the side to find the application.