Nebraska Teens Speak Out Against Big Tobacco

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Lincoln, Neb. Nearly 100 Nebraska teens marched to the State Capitol Wednesday to speak out against tobacco use.

The rally was part of a nationwide event known as Kick Butts Day and was organized by No Limits, Nebraska's youth-led anti-tobacco movement.

The mission of No Limits is to oppose an industry that creates and markets addictive and deadly products.

"Tobacco companies continue to come up with new products and packaging that appeal to young people," Molly Kincaid said. Kincaid adds that youth have a big voice whether they realize it or not and she thinks adults will listen to the message they're sending.

No Limits Youth Board member Madison Larimore spoke at the event. Larimore told the crowd about her great aunt who died of lung cancer from smoking all her life.

No Limits is open to all Nebraska youth in grades 7-12.