Nebraska Initiates New Tourism Campaign

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Nebraska Lakes, State Parks and Recreational Areas continue to be on of the top draws for travelers entering the state, but with many of these destinations located well off of Interstate 80, some Nebraskans feel people traveling through the state are missing out.

"I think a lot of people have the idea that Nebraska is nothing but flat, open boring country, they go through on the interstate and that's all they see," said Lincoln Resident James Miller.

"You've got all this traffic that goes through the state that never seems to stop," said Lincoln Resident Dale Alber.

It's these beautiful summer stops that the Nebraska Tourism Commission is trying to highlight in a new campaign to market Nebraska as a tourist destination.

"Explore Nebraska all around the state, things that are unique and cool for us," said Nebraska Tourism Director Kathy McKillip.

"It's not just what other states have to offer, Nebraska is a great place to stop and spend some time," said Miller.

They are offering a Nebraska Passport Program, which teaches people about unique locations like Lake McConaughey and Fort Robinson State Park.

"Build lifelong memories, find that great moment that is only found in Nebraska," said McKillip.

With the phrase, Nebraska Nice headlining the big push for more tourist, some Nebraskans think it's a slogan that can catch on.