Nebraska Utilities Warn Customers of Nationwide Scam

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Several utilities in Nebraska have been notified of a scam making its way across the U.S.

The scam targets utility customers and aims to steal identities and utility payments.

Under the scam, customers are being told that President Obama has approved special funding through the Federal Reserve Bank for utility bill assistance. However, there is no such funding.

Through automated phone calls, door-to-door visits and online solicitation, scammers are asking customers for personal information, such as social security numbers.

They then provide victims with a fraudulent bank routing number with which to pay their utility bills.

"We are not aware that this scam has taken place within our service area, but our customers should understand that we will never solicit them to sign up for assistance programs through the channels used in this scam," said Kevin Wailes, LES Administrator & CEO.

The scam has been reported in California, Florida, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas.