Nebraskan Presidential Primary Votes Don't Count But Soon Could

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Many of us here in Nebraska feel our state is truly one of a kind. And when it comes to presidential primary elections, Nebraska is the only state in the country whose voters may not get a say at the national party convention.

Right now in Nebraska, presidential primary elections are only advisory. That means when delegates go to party conventions your vote might not go with them.

Senator John Murante of Gretna said the current system requires that Nebraska has a primary vote. But party delegates can still vote however they want when they go to convention. It's a practice that goes back to early politics.

"The nominees for political parties were chosen in smoke filled rooms and convention halls. There really wasn't a mechanism for the people to express an opinion so a couple decades back the legislature went in and said you have to have a primary," said Senator Murante.

Even with the current law, delegates aren't held accountable to the public choice

Murante said this new bill he is proposing- with agreement from both parties- would require that delegates either give all votes to the candidate who wins the state or split them between the top two at party convention.

The bill that would change the current system is up for hearing on February 5th.