Some Nebraskans Rally in Support of Hobby Lobby Lawsuit

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As the Supreme Court listened to arguments in Washington, Hobby Lobby supporters of the chain's personal beliefs to fight a provision under the Affordable Care Act gathered on the steps of the Lancaster County Courthouse to stand in solidarity with the business.

Hobby Lobby is suing the U.S. Government over a mandate in the Affordable Care Act that requires companies to provide health insurance that includes contraceptives.

"Without life, nothing else matters," said Hobby Lobby Supporter, Connie Consbruck.

Consbruck and her husband drove two hours from Juniata to support the craft store chain.

"They have the right to stand up and say this is wrong, and I commend them for that because it takes courage," said Larry Consbruck. "They're putting their business on the line."

But organizations like Planned Parenthood say denying female employees access to women's health programs violates the law.

"If you have a religious opposition to contraception, we at Planned Parenthood support your right not to take any contraception," said Planned Parenthood of the Heartlands President and CEO, Jill June. "To deny women access to a program that promotes their health and well-being makes no sense on any basis whatsoever."

Some Nebraskans say the regulation violates their personal freedom protected under the constitution. However, Planned Parenthood says personal beliefs, like a woman's right to choose, should also be considered.

"For these corporations to want to get a hall pass that discriminates against women is simply wrong," said June. "They can't cherry pick one federal law that they're going to follow and another federal law that they're not."

While the debate continues, supporters of Hobby Lobby say they'll continue to exercise freedom of speech until changes are made.