Nebraskans Send Toys to Newtown, Connecticut

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Nothing can ease the suffering in Newtown following Friday's shooting, but many Nebraskans are hoping their donations can bring a small comfort in a time of tragedy.

Gifts of comfort can't bring back lives or innocence lost. But, it's a small token to help those hurting thousands of miles away.

People are sending their love in the form of stuffed teddy bears, purple blankets and big green frogs.

Those donations pour into Nebraska schools, intended to send a message to Sandy Hook kids.

"There is more love than hate, and we truly believe that's the case," said the Wahoo Public Schools employee helping lead the drive, David Privett. "So, we're trying to show that."

And while questions linger across the country, people 1,400 miles away know they can't bring back classmates or brother or sisters, but they hope to bring a small piece of happiness to Connecticut.

"This is the least someone can do after the tragedy that happened," one donor said.

"If nothing else, just to help take a little bit of the edge off the unbelievable pain they're having," Privett said.

With an entire nation reeling from the impact of a tragedy that could have happened in any classroom across the country, it's about more than giving a toy to Newtown.

It's a way to begin the healing in every home by answering the a public calling for how to help.

"It truly has been a whole community campaign," Privett said.

Now, those donations are coming in from other states.

Days of thoughts, prayers and emotions, all packed into one trailer to carry a mountain of toys East.