Nebraska's First Ever Natural Gas Garbage Truck Makes Routes

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Working a normal morning route, Uribe Refuse Services in Lincoln is collecting waste from homes across Lincoln, it's the truck that they're throwing these bags into that's a first of it's kind in Nebraska.

"This is the first 100% dedicated Natural Gas Fuel Truck in Nebraska," said President of Uribe Refuse Service Brad Uribe.

Meaning the garbage truck doesn't run on diesel, instead from a fuel that comes from these Natural Gas Canisters placed inside of the truck, allowing them to burn a cleaner fuel that releases much fewer and less harmful gasses into the air.

"As you can see it doesn't let off a bunch of smoke in the air, the emissions are clean," said Uribe Refuse Employee Kenny Curtis.

"It's better on the environment with the natural gas versus diesel, less emissions," said Uribe.

Uribe says putting this truck onto the streets of Lincoln now, is the first step towards creating far less pollution and adapting to a big change in how we burn fuel, that is already underway.

"People are moving towards a cleaner and greener environment and burning natural gas is going to help that. Eventually you're going to see a lot more Natural Gas Garbage Trucks," said Uribe.