Nebraska's King of Kong to Take on World Champions

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Steve Wiltshire is a loving husband, father of three and the King of Kong. Well, at least in Nebraska.

"It's the most challenging game. I love trying to beat my own high score," Steve said.

He holds the ninth highest Donkey Kong score in the world. It's secured his chance to compete in Kong Off 2, a competition that's not easy to enter.

"You have to show everything on camera, break the machine apart, show the board, the chips, make sure everything is original and then at that point you film the game," Steve said.

Two and a half hours later, Steve logged a score of 964,500. He not only beat the game, but racked up points on every obstacles. But, for Steve, some obstacles don't award points.

"In my case, I need to be able to somehow avoid three kids yelling and screaming or needing something," Steve said.

That's where Jessica, his wife, comes in.

"I've got the coolest wife in the world," Steve said.

She does everything she can to support her husband's hobby, even if that means watching three kids while daddy plays video games.

"He came to me and asked 'can I play a lot'? He's a family man, so it's hard for him to find time. I really had no doubt he would do it. I'm proud of him," Jessica said.

Playing arcade games is a family affair for the Wiltshire's. Steve's passing his skills and love of the old games to his three children, Madison, Troy and Owen. Along with that, he's teaching his children an important lesson.

"How I do in the competition isn't as important to me as just going out and having fun," Steve said.

Steve will head to Denver to match skills with top gamers from across the world, hoping he has what it takes to become the next King of Kong.