State Fairground Turns Into Nebraska's Largest Classroom

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The fairgrounds turned into Nebraska's largest classroom Monday as kids from schools across the state of Nebraska came to explore and learn.

A third grade class from Kenesaw Public Schools were eager to run around and see what the fairgrounds had to offer Monday morning.

Jennette Tompkin, a 3rd Grade Teacher at Kennesaw Public Schools said, "We were really excited to have a chance to expose the kids to learn all about Nebraska, and come and look at the animals and see a lot of things they don't normally get to see. It's great to have the hands-on activities and get a chance to go out and do things and experience them as a group."

One of the students' first stop was the UNL Extension Exhibit, where they learned about healthy eating and an active lifestyle. The staff there say it's a unique way for kids to grow.

"With the largest classroom day it really allows us an opportunity not only to provide outreach, help to develop their social skills and emotional skills and and physical skills," said Tonia Durden, an Assistant Professor at UNL.

The students identified a variety of fruits and put their energy to use in a hula-hooping competition. And that's not all the kids got to do. At the Explorit Center, students got to do hands-on activities. And girls could discover there aren't any bounds when it comes to learning.

"Actual quote, I had a girl say oh I didn't know girls could do science. And it's like no, yeah we totally can, we're really good at it actually! And so that and seeing their aha moments when they're like oooh! That's why that works? Like, it's really fun to have those moments," said Jessica Brock, a mad scientist at the Explorit Center.

When asked if she learned a lot today, Delaney Wohlert, one of the third graders from Kenesaw said, "Yes, I have. I've seen lots of fun things and did fun things and learned."