Neighborhoods Upset by Voter History Audit

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Did you vote in the past? If you think that's a personal question, well one organization is telling your neighbors just that through the mail.

The information they're giving, some said it may not even be accurate.

One political mailer is leaving little to question.

"Every one of their addresses is on there as well as if they voted since 2004," Lincoln resident Linda Tarrence-Bartek said.

Some neighborhoods are getting the inside info right in their mailbox and they're not too happy about it.

"That should be confidential, what they do with voting," Randy Bartak said.

The mailer promises to update voters after Tuesday's election.

It's information, not asked for and not wanted, if you ask the Bartak's.

"I don't even understand who they are or what they're actually about," Linda Bartak said.

The group behind the audit, Americans for Limited Government, is sending a message.

The bottom of the letter reads, "Please be sure to continue your participation and exercise your right and responsibility to vote."

That group could not be reached by phone.

As for local help, the election commissioner's office said they have nothing to do with the letters.