Neighbors call Spray-Painted House an "Eyesore"

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Black paint and a warning message is not what you expect to see scrawled across the front of a Lincoln home.

But that's exactly what you'll find at 2200 South 33rd Street.

"Stay out" and "no trespassing" are written on the front in black spray paint.

Neighbor David Medina says homeowner Terri Hagel tagged the house herself.

10/11 News tried to contact Hagel to find out why, but we were unable to reach her.

Medina says he doesn't know why she's so worried about trespassers, saying "She's probably not in her right mind, but she just started spray painting. Just thinks people are coming, trying to get in her house, but no one is trying to get in her house."

The words have been on display for a week and a half and they're getting noticed.

The city says the received a graffiti complaint on the house, but because Hagel tagged it herself, it doesn't count as graffiti.

The city says they can't force her to clean it up.

Medina says Hagel isn't a bad neighbor, but he does want her to clean up her house, calling it an eyesore.

He says, "She really hasn't bothered nobody. She just drew a lot more attention to herself when she did this."

The house is condemned and we're told Hagel doesn't live there, which means the task of cleaning up the mess could fall on someone else.