New Archway Foundation President Has Big Plans for the Monument

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Six-year Kearney resident and long-time archway supporter Phil Jossi says that after a tumultuous past year, there's one thing the Archway needs more than anything.

"We need more patrons," he said.

The monument saw just shy of 50,000 visitors last year.

Earlier this month, the Archway closed its doors for some much-needed maintenance that had been delayed due to financial troubles.

"We're cleaning, and we're building a little theater," said Jossi.

Jossi takes over for long-time Foundation President Joel Johnson, who will still be a member of the board. It's a volunteer position that will require lots of hard work and manpower.

Jossi says the first step is getting more people off the interstate and into the Archway.

"We need to start with some signage on the interstate so people can get an idea of what's there."

He also says that the key to financial success is giving visitors an experience they won't forget.

"We hope to improve the experience. And we hope to get volunteers in to maybe even have some guided tours. We have a great story to tell. We just need to do a better job telling it."