New Bill Addresses Concerns for Older Nebraskans

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State Senator Kate Bolz introduced a bill that would create a task force on aging and require the state to apply for a federal grant that would provide funding and support to help deal with an aging Nebraska.

The Kids Count report that was released about a week ago showed that the percent of people over 65 in Nebraska will go up from 13.8 percent to 21 percent by 2050. And with aging comes more health problems and a need for more attentive care.

One reason Bolz says she believes now is the time for Nebraska to address the issue, is the cost the state will incur if healthcare methods aren't changed.

"Home and community based care options are a cost effective strategy for meeting the needs of senior citizens," said Bolz. "It's particularly significant because thousands of aging Nebraskans are at or near medicaid eligibility."

The major focus of the task force and the grant money would be long term care for aging people. Those who testified argue that people want to age at home and doing so will be more beneficial to the state.