New Device Keeps Football Players' Heads Up

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It's about every dad's dream to throw the ball around with his sons in preparation for youth football.

However, even former NFL linebacker, Jamel Williams, is cautious about his kids' safety on the field.

"I have three boys of my own and I don't want any of them to get injured," he says.

His oldest son, Kaden Williams, says he loves to tackle, and he always hears his dad's voice nearby, telling him to "Keep your head up and hustle," Kaden says.

Now kids can hear another sound: a beep in their ear.

It's a device called "Heads Up" by Omaha based company, Soldier Sports. It fits in the helmet ear piece and sends off an alert when players put their heads down too low when tackling or taking a hit.

"Proper technique is going to lead to less injury so if we get kids doing it the right way then, yeah, hopefully we'll reduce the amount of concussions," says Jeffrey Evans, founder of Soldier Sports.

The device can fit in any size helmet, from youth football to the NFL. Once you put your head down too low, you'll hear that beep.

NFL players are stepping up to support the product. Running back, Darren McFadden, says it could help on the professional level. "People think that once you get to the NFL your technique is flawless but that's not the case at all," he says.

Kaden wants to have a long career without unnecessary injuries. "I want to play in the NFL and college and high school," he says.

The "Heads Up" system comes out in sporting good stores on April 15th across the country.

It will cost about $25.