New Exhibit Teaches Kids about Water Use

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It can be tough to understand why we need to conserve water, especially for kids.

The Lincoln Children's Museum has a new water display and it's definitely made a splash since it opened.

The new exhibit is a hands-on way to teach kids where our water comes from, and why it's so important to preserve it.

The display lets kids splash in a very small river, while helping them understand the water cycle: where it begins, the flow of water, and how our use impacts the environment.

Museum staff didn't know about the drought when they planned the display but say it has proved invaluable at educating both kids and their parents.

They say many people think they can use as much water as they want but the reality is water can run out if we're not careful.

Before you pull the plug on this exhibit, museum staff wants you to know the entire system is self-contained.

It purifies and recycles itself so not a drop is wasted.