New Fallbrook Super Saver to Help Economic Growth

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Everywhere you look, it seems Lincoln is growing. For example, JoS A. Bank, an upscale men's clothing store, Chipotle Mexican Grill, a massage franchise and a mattress store are all joining Whole Foods at the site of the new Lincoln Public Schools administration building.

And of course, downtown is growing, thanks in part of the coming Pinnacle Bank Arena. But what about the north side of town?

Well, a new grocery store in northwest Lincoln could certainly help with economic activity in that area.

Dr. Andrew Bateman has lived in Fallbrook since the beginning.

"These buildings, they didn't exist. There were fields off to the south. We would watch geese land," said Bateman.

His optometry business was one of the first in the center square.

"We were the very first business in this building. We committed before it even existed," said Bateman.

Growth can be seen by the neighborhood's newest addition. A Super Saver grocery store.

"It's actually the first of several new items that are planned for Fallbrook and our communities," said Tom Dobbe, President of Fallbrook Homeowner's Association.

"It's going to be great for this area and not just Fallbrook. There are lots of residents in the Highlands and Stony Brook over on 14th street. It's going to be great for this whole northwest Lincoln area," said Bateman.

Fallbrook's owner and developer, Nebco, estimates about 3,000 more cars will come through the area and while Dr. Bateman is thrilled to grow his business, he's most excited to put his neighborhood on the map.

"I run into people all the time here for their first visit who say I didn't know this stuff was over here. Just see what it has to offer. I never knew about this side of town and now that I do, I really love it," said Bateman.

But don't plan on big box stores filling up the northwest skyline. The Fallbrook Homeowner's Association says that plan just doesn't fit the charm of the neighborhood.