New LFR Technology Could Help Save Resources

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Every hour it costs $2,000 for Lincoln Fire and Rescue to operate. So, for every false alarm tax payer dollars head down the drain. But, new technology could help LFR get to more urgent calls and to less false alarms.

"It helps us, I think, kind of look at where our weak spots are, look for areas of improvement and things that we can make sure we're managing the department as effectively as we can be," said Fire Chief John Huff.

And keep more people safe.

"Every time we respond in what we call a code three, that's red lights and siren. We put every citizen between here and there in jeopardy because there's a possibility we could have an accident out on the road- and we put our people in jeopardy," he said.

But, with the new Omega Fireview Software, LFR has more access to more information, helping them keep some of those calls from coming in.

"It helps us analyze where the most frequent responses are so we can attack that particular problem, so we can address those frequent responses," said Huff. "It helps us come up with a strategy to address is there something we can do to reduce the frequency of response to that particular business or residence," he added.

All to make sure more people who actually do need help get it right away.

"We want to make sure we do respond when needed, and we don't respond when not," said Huff.

Huff said this information will also help the Department as they go through the redistricting process. LPD already has the police version of this software- it's helped them to schedule and facilitate more efficient patrol zones. That's also a consideration for LFR.