Lincoln Airport Authority Approves Largest Capital Budget

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The Lincoln Airport Authority approved more than $40 million on capital projects.

“This includes the largest,” said Airport Executive Director, John Wood. “If not, the largest airport authority has ever had.”

The money will be used to revamp the entire Airpark area, including the airport. Wood said five to six million dollars will be allocated to rehabilitate the runway, improve the terminal building, and build anew road in the industrial park for development.

Wood said that many of the upgrades will not be seen since it’s mainly new air conditioners, new lights, “background” things that people often do not see.

In addition, there will be other projects specifically to build new buildings within the Airpark, including a crime lab for the Nebraska State Patrol.

Another example is Hexagon Lincoln, a natural gas company that expects a new building by January 2015.

“We are expanding,” said President of Hexagon Lincoln, Jack Schimenti.

Schimenti said the company started off with 46 employees in 2005, and in less than a decade grew to 330 employees. With the new building, Schimenti said he’s expecting to add more people to the work force.

Wood said the projects will begin in their 2015 fiscal year on July 1.