New Readiness Center More Efficient for Soldiers

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After years in the making, the brand new Nebraska National Guard's Readiness Center in Grand Island is open and ready to help soldiers be more prepared.

William McGreer
Everything is internal, like it's wired in, we don't have to bring anything in, it's ready to go, we can come in and set up and actually begin. They put a lot of work into making sure this is user friendly and also user ready as soon as we need it.

It's essentially plug and play. The whole facility was custom made for a soldier's needs, whether it's cubicles for online training or a multi-unit mess hall.

"It's nice to have a large enough space to bring multiple units in at once, be able to do that and accomplish that very basic task that's essential for us to get started and get the orders out for the day."

Those orders could include training on drill weekend, which will be significantly easier with plenty of room for equipment storage.

"To be able to have the soldiers have access to and use it over drill weekend without having to travel to get it to bring it back to use it, it will really enhance our readiness as far as a unit, it's going to be amazing to have this ability to come in and have what we need at hand."

Speaking of what they need at hand, helicopters are literally next door.

"What it allows us to do is be even more efficient with having the flight facility right across the campus. Ease of operations, you're able to go back and forth as you need and the units are able to come and go, conduct flight training and do any administrative and any other training they need to do here... it provides us a great avenue to do that."

The lobby of the readiness center also features a history wall displaying where Nebraska soldiers have served.