New Semester, New Start for Students

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After two weeks off enjoying winter break, students across Nebraska went back to class Monday.

But whether it's finding a new class on UNL's city campus, or just navigating the halls of a middle school, the first day back after break can be daunting.

Counselors at Schoo Middle School say the first day of the new semester may be nerve wracking, but parents should remind their kids it's a fresh start.

Even if they struggled in the first part of the year, they have the chance to turn it around now.

But whether you have a child in kindergarten, middle school, or even college, counselors say setting up a routine is key to academic success.

Having set times for activities like homework and sleep lets kids know what to expect and when to expect it.

Counselors say parents should make a point to get involved.

Meet any new teachers you child will be working with and if you haven't already, learn how to access LPS's website so you can track your student's progress.