New Strip Club Causing Controversy in Minden

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In Kearney County, there's a controversy brewing in the town of Minden over a strip club.

It has some residents calling for new laws to keep it in check.

But, the doors may be open before any new rules can be put in place.

It's an unexpected addition for a quiet town: a strip club on the square.

"Everyone would have preferred it not to have been in our area at all, but if it had to be I don't see why it had to be on the downtown square," Minden resident Barb King said.

Residents aren't too happy about it.

"I don't think senior citizens of this county should have to tolerate that being right next door," King said. "I don't think the citizens of the county should have to tolerate it. And, I don't feel like it will last long because I don't think anyone in this area will support it."

They're calling on City Council and City Attorney Tom Lieske to step in.

"I'm hoping they regulate it to where it can't open until fairly late in the evening, and that it closes at like one o'clock," King said. "People have no business being out at three or four in the morning."

That's just what those officials are trying to do.

"We can not prohibit, but we can regulate," Lieske said. "Hours, type of operation, inside, that sort of thing."

But, getting adult entertainment ordinances on the books is new to Minden.

"We currently have no ordinances regulating this type of business establishment, so currently it can go anywhere," Lieske said.

In this case, anywhere is right downtown.

The owner, Jonathon Canterbury, said he's not trying to cause problems.

He told 10/11 News over the phone, he wants to work with residents bringing in a credible business not a stereotypical strip club.