New UNL Semester Means Big Bucks For Local Shops

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- From summer slowdown to fall frenzy, University of Nebraska students are everywhere. Monday was the first day of classes for the fall semester.

With that dramatic increase in foot traffic, local shops are thrilled for that extra cash.

"We've gradually just noticed the increase in foot traffic until about Thursday and then it was on full force," said Cathy Went, general manager of Fuzzy's Taco Shop.

Went says the business has been waiting for this day all summer long.

"The summers are hard down here so it's awesome to have the students back, we welcome them," said Went.

And the thousands of students who populate these restaurants and shops are ready to shell out some of their money.

"Starbucks and stuff like that, it's just a good place to meet with your friends and especially those 8a.m. classes, yeah I'm gonna need a pick me up," said UNL freshman Kennedy Marcouillier.

"We love walking downtown especially at night when after a union party or another party on campus," said UNL sophomore Gabrielle Gulley.

Charlie Bolden Junior just started working at the Mr. Goodcents in downtown Lincoln and even in his couple of weeks working there, he's seen the dramatic increase in business.

"Should be fun but I like staying busy, makes the time past faster and it's always great to meet new people," said Bolden.

New people these businesses hope will boost their bottom lines.

"[Business] Increases two fold this time of year and it doesn't happen gradually, and it happens within a week's time frame," said Went.