New Vendors Open Up At The Farmer's Market

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- New vendors at the Farmer's Market in Lincoln opened up shop for the first time Saturday morning.

Alicia Schroeder moved back to Lincoln from Omaha with her husband and daughter - all for this ripe opportunity.

"This farmer's market is so competitive and so we were thankful to be able to get in this year," said Schroeder.

Candied pecans, Oreo cake pops and fresh greens are just some of the baked goods she's trying to sell all season.

"I tried so hard to be here every week but it just isn't possible."

That's because Schroeder has to share her space with another vendor every other weekend. This popular market has allure to small business owners, just like her.

The expansion of the Farmer's market in the Railyard is just another example of how Lincoln is growing - it has something new to offer even those who've lived here for years.

Many in Lincoln who have already been to the market countless times say they are happy to see these new vendors.

Niki Jarzynka said, "There are so many people out here and so many different booths and so many new items here,so it's just fun to be out."

Another small business owner, Keith Kauffeld opened his vendor at the market today as well.

He wasn't sure there would be a pay off when he and his wife moved from Colorado to Lincoln to work on the "Cookie Shop" together.

"My wife followed me after fifteen years of having this business out of state, we didn't know if she was going to be able to really make the business come alive in Nebraska but she did and this is day one of her new business so I'm really happy."

As the first day wraps up - vendors say the risk was worth taking.

And as they create community at the market every Saturday this season, it will only become a bigger and better add to the city.