New Year's Eve Fireworks Illegal in Lincoln

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Fireworks legally go on sale Saturday at midnight through New Year's Eve. They are, however illegal in the City of Lincoln. Most towns outside of Lincoln will light up the sky with fireworks.

With cold temperatures and clear skies expected, Scott Chenowith of Roca Crazy Cracker Fireworks says it's a recipe for brilliance.

"It's not as good as last year when it wasin teh 60's and we were in t-shirts but it's going to be in the 30's and no wind and that just makes the reds redder, the blues bluer and the greens greener. It just makes the explosiveness that much bigger when there is snow and it's cold out," said Chenowith.

The City of Lincoln continues a ban on New Year's Eve fireworks. Anyone caught lighting fireworks will face a misdemeanor charge and a fine of $25.00 to $500.00.