New Costs for Carry-on Luggage

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Airline passengers are once again seeing a dent in their wallets.

The culprit is more baggage fees. This time it is for carry-on luggage.

Flyers who plan on carrying a bag, should also plan on carrrying their checkbooks.

"It's going to add to the bottom line," airline passenger Kevin Miller said.

That addition is a new fee, hitting those who try to save a few dollars by carrying on bags instead of checking.

"Today I have a fairly big bag that I'm taking with me and the reason I'm taking it on the plane is that I don't want to pay to put it on the plane," airline passenger Allen McDonald said.

That is changing for McDonals and other airline passengers.

Allegiant Air is now the second carrier to start charging for carry-ons.

According to the chart on Allegiant's website, those fees start at ten dollars. But, if you wait until you're at the ticket counter, that number spikes to thirty-five dollars.

It is a trend that Central Nebraska Regional Airport Director Mike Olson says in the future might affect all airline passengers.

"It could catch on," he said.

That is especially true if history repeats itself.

"Allegiant started bag fees years ago and now all airlines are charging fees for checked bags," Olson said.

The thing to blame is rising fuel costs.

Olson said because of those prices, airlines have to either cut back or generate revenue.

That leaves travelers with fewer money-saving options.

"If other airlines start doing that, it will make me think twice about where to go," Miller said.

"Travel as light as you can, I guess," McDonald said.

Those fees apply to baggage normally stored in a plane's overhead bins.

Purses and small bags that fit beneath seats are still free for Allegiant passengers.