Newly Planned Sports Complexes Can Serve Alcohol, Not Around Kids

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln's City Council once again took up the issue of two newly planned Lincoln sports complexes Monday. They decided the complexes can have a special permit allowing them to serve alcohol, as long as it's not when kids are playing.

Families and coaches said they are excited to have the sports complexes moving forward.

"We travel to York, Omaha, we were just in Columbus over the weekend, so we travel quite a bit for soccer," said Suzanne Schneider, whose three kids all play.

But they don't just travel all over Nebraska.

"Tulsa, Oklahoma. We went to Tulsa last spring and had a tournament there," she said.

That's one reason Lincoln East boy's soccer coach Jeff Hoham said this will be a good thing.

"Often times Lincoln, Neb. was not selected simply because we did not have a venue large enough that could support these kinds of tournaments," he said.

"It'd be nice to see some of that come into Lincoln. It helps our economy and gives more competition for the kids," said Schneider.

The City Council has said the economic element is a major appeal to allowing these complexes to be built, and parents are glad to see it moving forward.

"I think there's a need and I think it'll do really well," Schneider said.

Monday all motions related to the the Great American Sports Park and Speedway Sporting Village were approved by the City Council.