No One Injured After Car Drives into Pharmacy

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Store owners say they are thankful no one was injured when a car crashed into their Lincoln pharmacy.

Around 4:45 p.m. Monday, store employees of the Four Star Drug store in Lincoln's Piedmont Shopping Center heard a loud crash. According to store owner James Pluckett, they attributed it to the construction outside until they saw things in the store moving around that aren't supposed to move and they saw dust fill the store.

Pluckett said, "It was a Honda Accord, I think and it is such a small car that no one could see it over the displays."

Lincoln Police Captain David Beggs said the 91-year-old driver stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake when parking in front of the main door to the business.

Pluckett said the driver and his wife were in the car when it crashed. Both are long time loyal customers. He drove the couple to their home after police had finished their investigation and the car had been towed away.

According to Pluckett, the check stand next to the door normally has customers and an employee next to it at that hour. With no customers around, the employee went to another area of the store just moments before the car came through the door.

Pluckett said the building inspectors told him there was nothing damaged structurally, which was a good thing in terms of making repairs. The inspector said at the same time, there was nothing in the way to slow the car down.

Damages are to a some displays and the framework around the door. There are some tire marks in the flooring. Pluckett, his wife and several others worked well into the evening, cleaning up broken glass and putting displays back up.

Pluckett said he is glad that no one was hurt.

The pharmacy will be open during regular hours Tuesday, while repairs are made. Customers will need to use a different door.