Norris Students Caught Selling Pot Brownies at School

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Two teens are in trouble with the law after selling baked goods laced with marijuana at their school.

Two 14-year-old and 16-year-old Norris High School students were cited Wednesday.

Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner says the boys sold pot brownies to three different students at school on Monday.

He says a 15-year-old girl bought a brownie and started feeling light headed. Wagner says the girl was not specifically told the brownie had drugs in it.

"The brownie was sold to her for $15 and I think she suspected it was a very high price brownie and that most normal brownies would not be that expensive. I think there was suspicion her her part that it was not a normal brownie," Wagner said.

When the girl's mother took her to the emergency room, medical tests confirmed her blood contained high levels of THC. The mother then contacted school administration, who called LSO.

The boys were cited for delivering a controlled substance, which is a felony. Deputies seized the remaining pot brownies.

Both the boys who sold the brownies and the students who bought the brownies were expelled.

Norris Public Schools Superintendent John Skretta said, "In terms of school, student discipline, it's really pretty simple. If you're in possession of drugs there's a very harsh disciplinary consequence that equates to a suspension pending expulsion.

But it's one Skretta assures parents was handled. "That's a primary emphasis for us is protecting the safety and well being of our students," said Skretta.