Not Closing Your Garage Door Could Cost You

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Many Nebraskans are having barbecues and opening up their homes with recent sunny weather. But do you remember to close your garage door when you're not there? Or even when you are? The one time you forget could cost you.

"I opened the garage door when I went to leave, kids came out 2 minutes later, and the bike was gone," said Holly McLaughlin.

McLaughlin's family fell victim to a garage theft on August 7, 2013. She bought her son a bike for his 9th birthday but just two days later McLaughlin says she opened the garage door and went inside for a couple minutes, when she came out the bike was stolen in broad daylight.

"Soon as our youngest said he seen a couple kids circle our drive, then we knew it was stolen," said McLaughlin.

Months later, they found the frame of the bike with a 17 year old boy. Lincoln Public Safety Director Tom Casady says an experience like that sticks in your mind.

"That really does change your habit. My experience has been, once that's happened to someone, they're going to be much more cautious about double-checking," said Casady.

"My 9 -year-old was especially traumatized by that. They always make sure the garage door is shut," said McLaughlin.

The McLaughlin's now added nine security cameras surrounding the house to make sure nothing gets stolen from the garage again.

"We can see a live feed of it surrounding every window and door of our house," said McLaughlin. "We double and triple check the garage door all the time. Even if we're outside playing or in the backyard, but we're not in the front yard anymore, we shut the garage doors."

According to Casady, Lincoln police knocked on 15 doors Monday morning to warn people their garage doors were open.

In Casady's blog he states, "In 2005, there were 178 burglaries through garage doors that were simply left standing open. Last year, there were 32. So far this year, there have been 8."