Number of Kids Attending Preschool Increases in Nebraska

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LINCOLN, Neb. The latest Kids Count Report shows Nebraska improved for all indicators in the education area.

The number of kids not attending preschool decreased from 59 percent to 52.

"We know that early childhood education is one of the best ways to get kids ready and prepared for school and make sure they get success later on," Voices for Children Research Coordinator Chrissy Tonkinson said.

The numbers from the report only include children receiving a formal preschool education. Tonkinson says there are other ways kids may be preparing for kindergarten.

"They may be going to a daycare with a curriculum, but it may not be a definite preschool curriculum. They may be learning several things in their child care even at home. We can't say parents are not doing a good job preparing their kids for education," Tonkinson said.

Parents like Jamie Scott say they enroll their children in preschool to give them a head start on their education.

"It's just for preparedness for school and just to be ready and be in a social situation," Scott said.

Tonkinson adds that Voices for Children sees poor figures when it comes to reading proficiency in third grade. She says over 60 percent of kids are not reading at grade level and starting education early on can help the state see better numbers.

Nebraska ranked 9th overall in the U.S. for education.