Nurses Surprise Burn Victim with Concert Tickets

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On January 13, Brian Jackson witnessed his frying pan start on fire while cooking dinner with his two daughters.

"Grabbed the pan, spilled grease on me and ran out the back door with it to keep the house from burning and not let anything happen to them," said burn victim Brian Johnson.

With one third of his body burned, Brian was taken to the Burn Center at St Elizabeth's Hospital for special treatment. In working with Brian day-to-day, nurses began to learn more about him as a person and not just a patient.

The nurses found out that his accident had caused him to miss a George Straight Concert in Omaha. Johnson had already bought tickets for the concert and was devastated to miss it.

"We said, 'oh I feel terrible,' I've been here for 13 years, I've seen a lot of patients. Felt like this was something very simple we could do that would make a difference in his life," said St. Elizabeth Nurse Esther Rathjen.

The nurses then decided to contact 96.9 FM in Lincoln, where they were able to get Jackson George Strait tickets for his April show in Des Moines and Nurse Rathjen delivered Jackson the news.

"I think I probably had the same jitters he did in finding out, it makes me happy to make somebody's day," said Rathjen.

"She said, 'Well, we felt terrible about you not being able to go to the George Strait Concert. We got you a couple tickets', I sat there and cried for about ten minutes," said Jackson.

Receiving the tickets at St. Elizabeth's Burn Center on Thursday, it was an emotional end for one patient who received care that left him moved.

"These people touched me and I didn't know there was people like this," said Jackson.