Suspect in Custody After Botched Bank Robbery

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Police have released the name of the suspect in a failed bank robbery. Currently lodged in the Lancaster County Jail, 23 year-old Brett Dovel is accused of robbery and third degree assault.

LPD Officers responded to the robbery just after 11:30 Saturday morning. Sergeant Don Scheinost was on the scene. Scheinost says Dovel walked into the Union Bank branch at 1300 North 48th Street and demanded money.

Scheinost says Dovel was wearing a mask and had a pocket knife with him but did not brandish the weapon.

Scheinost continues that the suspect demanded money from one of the tellers and he was able to get some cash, but as he was making his way out of the bank, a customer intervened and wrestled Dovel to the ground. Police arrived just minutes later and took Dovel into custody.

"Obviously we don't recommend that this happen but fortunately it worked well in this case," said Scheinost citing safety concerns.

Police say no money was removed from the bank during the botched robbery.