Mother Thanks Searchers for Finding Her Son's Body

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The mother of a Wahoo boy is grieving the loss of her son.

Danelle Rush is the mother of 11-year-old Bayden Martinez.

On Wednesday, the boy's body was recovered by searchers near the dam, in the spillway of Lake Wanahoo near Wahoo.

He had been reported missing the night before, after he went fishing, apparently by himself, and against his mother's wishes.

"He wanted to go fishing and I told him, "no," said Rush.

Rush says her son had ADHD and was bipolar. Authorities were contacted after he never showed up back at home.

Rush says Bayden was always smiling and the joy of her life.

"He was wonderful. He was my firstborn child," said Rush.

Rush, fighting back tears, thanked all those who searched for her son. "Thank you so much for everything."

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