Old Trusty Days Celebrates 30th Anniversary

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It's the first weekend after Labor Day, and that means it's time for Old Trusty Days in Clay Center.

It's been a solid Nebraskan tradition for 30 years. One weekend every year, filled with antique engines and collectibles, helps remind visitors of the good old Nebraskan life.

"Old Trusty Days got started 30 years ago in a small little bunch of single lung engines and it grew into this," says Lee Sherman, chairman of the Clay County Historical Society.

Nowadays there are also tractor pulls, corn shelling, flea markets, and many other exciting events and entertainment, but the heart of the event remains with the tractors and engines.

"The people that run this show, they got to love it. It's something that's deep, embedded in a lot of people's hearts," says Sherman.

One person who loves old machinery is Bob Mihm, who has been at Old Trusty Days every single year since it first began in 1983.

"The first year we started just inside the gate down there. I set my Baker fan up and was right inside the gate and that's where we started," says Mihm. "Then every year we just kept moving back until we got here and we had to stop. We had fun doing it though."

For many like Mihm, the show is a chance to preserve and showcase the Nebraskan agricultural lifestyle. It's also a chance to show off heritage crafts such as broom making and blacksmithery.

"Every year it seems like we gain a few more people and they're glad to come, so that's what the best part is," Mihm says. "And I don't care who it is, I'd like them to come to the show and just see what it's like."