Update: Bail Set for 17-Year-Old Arrested in Deadly Shooting

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Lincoln police have arrested a 17-year-old in the deadly shooting that killed 19-year-old Naif Al-Kazahy.

Bail for the 17-year-old was set at $1,000,000. 10% is needed in order to be released.

If convicted, he could face 20 years to life. There is still no decision on whether he will be charged as an adult.

Due to the suspect's age and the fact that he may not be charged as an adult, 10-11 is not releasing his identity at this time.

The 17-year-old shooting suspect faces a 2nd degree murder charge.

Police say the shooting happened just before 11:30 Sunday night near South 14th and Sumner.

According to Police, Al-Kazahy was walking with his brother and friends at a house near 1328 S. Sumner Street when a argument broke out with a group of people sitting on the porch.

They say the incident escalated to a physical altercation and one man
produced a shotgun.

Police say a single shot was fired, which struck Al-Kazahy in the chest.

Police say Al-Kazahy's brother and friends dragged him away from the scene to the 1400 block of Sumner street, where police were called.

Al-Kazahy was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery, but did not survive his injuries.

Police say the men involved knew one another and it is not the first time they have argued.

At 6:00 a.m. Monday, with the assistance of the Lincoln Police Department SWAT Team, a search warrant was served to a home at 1328 S. Sumner Street.

As Larry Behling, a friend of the suspect, sees it, his teenage friend reacted without thinking.

"It's going to haunt me for the rest of my life," Larry Behling said. "It was a yelling match at first, then into a fight. The guy who got shot came up to my friend and bashed him on the back with a baseball bat and that's when my friend shot him in the chest. How do I feel about that? I don't feel good about that."

While Al-Kazahy's brother dragged him away from the scene, Behling says he, the suspect and two other panicked and ran out the back door, ditching the gun in the back yard.

"I was afraid. I was freaking out. I didn't know what to do. I'm shaking right now, talking about it," Behling said.

Police found the four men at a friends house in Bennett. Behling is afraid this violence will continue with retaliation.

"I'm terrified. There's a hit on all of us, that we are marked pretty much because of what happened to his brother," Behling said. "If I'm walking down the street somewhere and I hear a shot, I'm going to be the one on the ground."

The suspect is expected in Lancaster County Court, Behling says he will be there in support, but is sorry for the death.

"I just wish this never would have happened. I wish they would have walked away from the problem and the guy would still be alive today," Behling said.

The investigation is on-going. Crime Scene Technicians are processing the scene for evidence.