UPDATE: Fire at State Fair Construction Site Injures One

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Crews from two Grand Island fire stations fought a propane tank fire at the State Fairgrounds Thursday afternoon.

GIFD Division Chief Tim Hiemer says a 100 lb. propane tank caught fire where workers are constructing the Nebraska Building.

A man standing on scaffolding above the tank was burned on his face. Hiemer says his wounds are superficial, but he was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

With propane still flowing, firefighters say it was difficult to put out.

"Normally you hit something with water and it goes out, this, we would actually extinguish it, but it would reignite, the metal on the tank was hot enough to reignite the propane, so we actually had to physically shut the valve down to stop the fire," says Hiemer.

All four stations were called to the scene, but Hiemer says two were sent back after they assessed the situation.

"We want to overwhelm the fire, that's how you get a quick knockdown and maintain a low amount of damage," he says.

Hiemer says most of the damage was to plywood framing on the building, but says construction crews did not think the incident would delay progress.