One Year Later, Litter of 11 Reunite

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Last year, Madeline McAlister was put in a unique situation when her house of three dogs turned into a house of 14 dogs overnight.

McAlister volunteers for the Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue. After a recent trip to the Santee Sioux Indian Reservation, she was asked by a woman to find homes for 11 Red Heeler and Chocolate Labrador mixed puppies.

It wouldn't be long before 10 of them found a home, one stayed with McAlister, but like most siblings the time away from each other wouldn't be too long. On Sunday, a birthday party was held for all 11 pups.

The owners, most of which are from Lincoln, have kept in touch through a Facebook group. A few had to make the drive from Nebraska City, Blair, or Crete, but they all made it.

The mother of the puppies wasn't there, but that's not because she's busy with another litter; The Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue spayed her after the litter of 11.

As for McAlister, she's studying Animal Science and would foster an even larger litter if given the chance.