Update: Man Charged with Child Abuse after One-Year-Old Suffers Skull Fracture

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25-year-old Matthew Wylie was in court on Monday. He is charged with child abuse and causing serious bodily injury in the first degree.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office investigated a child abuse case where a one-year-old boy suffered serious head injuries. The child was transported to Crete Hospital by his mother Wednesday night. Due to the severity of his injuries, the one-year-old was life flighted to BryanLGH West as a trauma. A medical examination revealed two separate areas of the child's brain that were bleeding internally, a skull fracture, swelling of the brain and a buckle fracture of his left arm which is already in the healing stage.

If convicted Wylie could face 1 to 50 years in prison for each charge. His bond is set for 10% of $750,000. He is ordered to have no contact with the victim or anyone under 16 and under.

According to LSO, the injuries occurred at a residence in Martell, while the child was in the care of the boyfriend and were reported to the child's mother by him while she was at work.

The child's mother, 22-year old Kayla Jurgensen was cited and released for child abuse. The boy has been placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.

According to court documents Wylie told Jurgensen that the boy had fallen off a bathroom counter and hit his head. The documents also show that the doctors that treated the boy said his injuries don't match a fall. The doctors also said he had signs of older abuse both to his head and to his arm.

According to court records Jurgensen initially lied to doctors about how the injury happened. She later admitted she was trying to protect Wylie. Jurgensen also admitted she had witnessed Wylie violently abuse the child several times before including spanking, pulling on his arm and throwing him onto the floor. She stated she always hoped Wylie would work on his anger issues according to court documents.

Wylie is currently on parole for 2nd Degree Assault and Child Abuse stemming from an incident at the same location in 2009 where a three-month-old boy suffered a laceration to his tongue that required surgery to correct. Wylie had been sentenced in 2012 to 3-6 years for the assault and 2-5 years for the child abuse. He was paroled in October 2011, with the condition he not have any contact with children under the age of 12. His discharge date is December 26.

Deputies had received information in August 2012 that Jurgensen and her baby were living with Wylie at Martell house. An investigation did not determine the child was being abused, but deputies were aware Wylie's Parole officer had conducted a home visit earlier in the day because they were notified of the living arrangements with an infant in the house.

LSO said Wylie is not the father of either victim.