Pipeline Foes Send 'Grinch' to Governor's House

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The Christmas Grinch made a stop at the Governor's mason.

Members of the group Bold Nebraska dressed as two Dr. Seuss characters, the Grinch and Cindy Lou Who, as part of a protest of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Pipeline opponents are asking Heineman to deny state approval for the project, which would carry oil from Canada to Texas refineries.

Bold Nebraska's Grinch left a few gifts at the governor's door step.

"The first gift was a pair of flip flops, reminding him not to flip flop on his position that he put out in that letter to the president. The second one is some photos of farm families from Nebraska who want their land and their water to be protected," Ben Gotschall with Bold Nebraska said.

Heineman expects a recommendation from Nebraska's environmental-quality agency by early January.

Pipeline developer, Transcanada, has agreed to move the route out of the Nebraska sandhills.

Opponents say it still cuts through the aquifer, a massive groundwater supply

"The holiday spirit is in the air and it's better to give than receive and there would be no better gift to give the citizens of Nebraska and our future generations than to make sure our aquifer is protected," Gotschall said.