Orkin Names Four Nebraska Cities Top Bed Bug Cities in America

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Orkin Pest Control says in 2012 Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, and Hastings Nebraska all make the list for being top bed bug cities in America. The company says its based on the amount of treatments they conducted in those areas.

"It really doesn't surprise me, because of the fact of how big of a problem that bed bugs have become," said Michael Meents with MDM Pest Control.

Michael Meents says battling bugs and pests is his businesses.
Over the last year he's seen any where from a Fifteen to 25-percent increase in the amount of calls for bed bugs.

"Now it's more moving into households. I'm getting calls all the time for houses, and it's not just the motels, and apartment complexes," said Meents.

Elizabeth Killinger, the UNL Extension Educator for Hall County has received increased calls of bed bug problems as well.

Her job is to identify and help provide more education about them, and one thing is apparent she says they're getting worse.

"They're becoming more resistant to different types of pesticides that were normally used on them," said Educator Elizabeth Killinger.

Killinger says that makes it tough to get rid of bed bugs.

"Once you see the bed bugs then you probably have a large infestation of them. They hide in out of the way places, in the binding of the mattress or box spring," said Killinger.

Which is why she says education about these little critters is key!