Our Town Aurora: Adopt a Flower Basket

It doesn't take long to realize that there are a lot of people in Our Town Aurora that care about the way things look around the courthouse square.

And one of the most noticeable improvements that's been made recently is all of the beautiful flower baskets hanging from the light poles.

Megan Vetter takes pride in beautifying the county seat of Hamilton County. She dreamed up the Adopt a Flower Basket project 3 summers ago, Aurora is really a great little town. The downtown had some awesome buildings, we have a beautiful courthouse and the inspiration for flowers just came from all of that."

32 beautiful baskets hang on 16 light poles.

Megan is the owner of "Posh & Precious" in downtown Aurora, "As a business owner, you want your best foot forward. As a representative of Aurora, I just thought that having the flowers would be a great way to present our town in the best light."

Wenda Eckerson is one of about 20 volunteers that help Megan keep the flowers watered from May to September, "It's nice to be part of a group that like to beautify where we live. I enjoy it because I think it's good for Aurora, it makes Aurora look beautiful. I think plants life the spirit."

Megan says if any teenagers would like log some community service hours for a very good cause drop by her Posh & Precious store and she'll get you signed up.