Our Town Aurora: Aurora Cooperative

The Aurora Cooperative was looking to build a new corporate headquarters a few years ago.

One day it dawned on them that they were spending a lot of meeting time at The Leadership Center.

Next thing you know, the CO-OP agreed to a 99-year lease on some land on The Leadership Center campus.

George Hohwieler has been the President/CEO of Aurora Cooperative for the past 12 years, "The Aurora Cooperative started in 1908 in Aurora, Nebraska and it started with approximately 20 farmers that got together to form a grain company. And from that, a hundred and some years later, the company has grown to over 80 locations in approximately 8 states across the United States."

George says the Aurora CO-OP is made up of four divisions, "We are involved in grain handling and agronomy, animal nutrition and energy."

George adds that business has been booming at the Aurora CO-OP over the past decade, "About 10 years ago, the revenues were approximately a hundred million (dollars) and today they're about a billion (dollars), so the company's grown about 10 fold in the last 10 to 12 years."

A few years ago, this billion dollar business had a decision to make about where to build their next generation facility, "With all the cities and towns we're in some people thought we would consider a different location but we are the Aurora Cooperative and to be in any other town but Aurora, Nebraska didn't make a lot of sense."