Our Town Aurora: Future Problem Solvers

Future Problem Solving International is a world wide program that was founded by Dr. Ellis Paul Torrance in 1974.

Today, a quarter of a million students from all around the world are involved with the program.

Since 1983, hundreds of young problem solvers from Aurora have brought home many, many awards from the International Championship.

Marilyn Vrana has been coaching the Aurora Future Problem Solving program for the past 30 years, "I think it's one of those things if you really start with this process and really get into it, it's hard not to get excited about it."

Marilyn says brainstorming is a critical part of problem solving, "They look at the topic, they've researched, they've studied it, now they're going to talk with their team members. They want to look at it from as many different angles as they can. They have 17 different categories that they look at, education, environment, government to try to get their thinking to branch out in as many different ways to really get what the whole problem is about."

Brody Warner feels that he's a better student because of his involvement in FPS, "It really makes you think a lot, it makes you go beyond what you usually have to think about."

Marilyn adds, "90% of solving a problem is knowing what the problem is, so we spend a lot of time analyzing the research and studying it to try and figure out what is something if we did something about would make a difference?"

The creative aspect is what Madi Henn enjoys most about FPS, "I really love problem solving, I love analyzing every situation, the pros the cons, I love all of the that."