Our Town Aurora: Penner Athletic Courts

In Our Town Aurora, they call it the "PAC." ...which is short for Penner Athletic Courts.

The Penner family built the state of the art facility 4 years ago...and the people of Aurora are quite glad they did.

Sports are a big deal in Aurora and PAC Facility Manager Scott Werner knows a town this size can never have enough places for kids to practice, "The community needed more gym space and it was obvious from the get go that we wanted basketball and volleyball, it is truly a basketball, volleyball facility and it was a gift to the community from the Penner family."

McClaine Narver explains, "It was actually our 8th grade year, we were the first people to practice here. I feel very fortunate, it's awesome to just be able to come here and just shoots some hoops or play volleyball."

Scott says Aurora Public Schools have been very supportive of this generous Penner venture, "They actually use the facility during the school year each day, we have practices out here, basketball and volleyball."

McClain says there are a variety of camps and leagues are available for central Nebraska athletes throughout the year, "They just come here and we hold fundamental camps, they just help us get better and having a big facility like this definitely makes it easier for other people to come in."

Scott adds. "We've had participation in those camps by Nebraska Volleyball players so it's been a good fit and a good get for this community, you know there's really nothing west of Lincoln of this nature, so it was a good fit."