Our Town Aurora: The Leadership Center

The Leadership Center in Our Town Aurora has been meeting and exceeding the needs of their clients for 46 years.

Owned and operated by the Nebraska Vocational Agricultural Foundation, The Leadership Center is used extensively by the FFA for leadership training...but that is far from all they do.

When Maile Ilac Boeder got hired as the executive director of The Leadership Center 5 years ago, she was elated, "The fact that I get to work for a non-profit that connects businesses and families and organizations together in meaningful leadership opportunities and memories, while working with an organization that is near and dear to my hear, the Nebraska FFA, I don't think I could pick a better job."

Around here, they shorten the name of "The Leadership Center" down to TLC...which is very appropriate, because they pride themselves in their tender, loving care.

Ken Malone has been an Ag teacher in Palmyra and has been involved with The Leadership Center for nearly 40 years, "Some Ag teachers put this idea together, was to provide a place for students and other people, we've expanded, to come to The Leadership Center and to get those leadership experiences and especially in agriculture, because we're an agriculture based foundation."

Events Assistant Micheala Olsen feels that The Leadership Center is very important to Aurora, "A lot of people, you'll be amazed to know, don't realize that we are here, but we bring in 40 to 50 thousand people a year, we serve people from every county in the state to every state in this country and many countries around the world."